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What is the Retreat?


Luang Por Sumedho    

Luang Por Chah.


It is a very special chance for us to be able to become aware of and deepen our meditative practices, while also connecting meditation with broader aspects of Dhamma, the teachings the of Buddha. It is led by a monk or layperson instructor with significant experience, who leads the meditation practices and gives talks.

All of this takes place in a carefully structured environment so that the practitioner is able to deepen their experience: observing silence, vegetarian diet appropriate for the situation (breakfast, lunch and tea and/or broth at the end of the day), seated and walking meditation sessions, and physical exercise in the morning and late afternoon in some cases.

Bhante Gunaratana

In general, a retreat is organized around a “broad theme” which is covered practically and theoretically, based on various perspectives, during the entire period. Finally, practitioners also rely on the support of a team of volunteer organizers, who will be there to help through any difficulties that may come up.

Ajahn Mudito


Bhante Rahula

Bhante Bhuddharakhita

Ajahn Dhammiko

Ajahn Asoko